I suck at Blogging

24 Apr

Yep.  I have fallen victim to the trap that most people who say they are “totally going to be a blogger” fall in to.  I wrote 4 posts and then didn’t give a shit anymore.  Oopps.


In the meantime, 2 years later….

I had 2 new jobs, got a (amazing and awesome) steady boyfriend, learned more about how to cook, gained back all the weight I lost on Weight Watchers, started losing some weight again, grew up a lot, and started playing Magic the Gathering.


So…I promise to try to do better about blogging.  Really I do.  I have the freaking free time to do it.  SO why the eff not?  (ohhhh I’m probably making people who blog for real look so bad…I’m the bad egg of the blogosphere…oh well, sucks for them to have to share the internet with the likes of me.)


❤ High Strung Gemini



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