The Cutest Fat Girl.

7 Nov


So, yes, I am a fat girl.  Weighing in 2 1/2 weeks ago at 244.6 lbs., I am technically considered “morbidly obese”.  I hate the M word.  I find nothing about myself to be morbid (except sometimes my sense of humor).  Of course then again I don’t really have any body image issues to speak of.  I was raised as a strong, independent woman and I was taught to “work with what ya got.”  If you’re a fat girl, then hell, embrace that shit and be the cutest/sexiest fat girl there is.  I know how to dress for my body and work hard to avoid the dreaded muffin top at all costs.  I would rather wear a size 18 and look like 16 than wear a size 16 and flood my pants so hard that I look like a 20.  And it helps that my boobs are big enough to distract the eye from my ever expanding waistline and that I have a killer personality.  These two things work like for me like Wonder Woman’s wrist cuffs work for her: deflecting all haters and negative energy (most of the time anyway).  Never the less, 244.6 lbs. is not healthy for a 26 year old woman.  So ladies and gentlemen, I joined Weight Watchers.  I now donate 40 of my hard earned dollars a month so I can have someone validate my minute bits of weight loss once a week and spend countless minutes on my iPhone calculating point values of various meals and snacks.  But ya know what?  I freakin’ love it. 


I am really learning so much about portion control (how to eat to be full but not eat until I hit the “omg that was so good…I’m gonna ralph” point) and a lot about eating balanced meals and getting the proper servings of fruits, veggie, dairy, and water.  One week in to the program and I had lost 3.2 lbs.  The next week I lost 1.8 lbs., despite the fact that I had drank several beers and glasses of wine and chowed down pretty hard on some Chinese food.  Week # 3 is faring well so far…I feel full and feel much healthier than I have in a long time.  Drinking the right amount of water has really been the hardest part of the whole thing.  Have you ever drunk 64oz of water in your waking hours?  Did you feel like you were going to drown or maybe your bladder was going to burst?  As the days go by I am drinking more and more water and becoming accustomed to the multiple trips to the potty.  But hey, if part of losing weight in a healthy manner involves literally peeing the fat out, I can deal.  


I think a common misconception about Weight Watchers is that you have to eat rice cakes and tiny potions of salad for every meal.  Well, I say fuck rice cakes.  I am the type of gal that no one tells me I can’t have something.  SO…I can have whatever I want, I just have to decide if it is worth it.  Is that chocolate chip cookie worth the 3 points it will cost me?  Would I rather spend those 3 points on a glass of wine later tonight? (Translation: “Do I want to be fat or do I want to be a wino?”).  Most of the time I would rather be a wino.  But just to prove that YES! You can eat well on Weight Watchers, I provide you with the following photo of one of the most recent delicious meals I have made…for ONLY 10 POINTS! Whoop Whoop!


Steak Tenderloin fillet with shallot-pomegranate-pinot sauce, served with roasted cauliflower and sweet potatoes. And of course, that glass of wine I could have since I didn't eat the cookie.

 Here’s to my first 5 lbs. down!

One Response to “The Cutest Fat Girl.”

  1. Kat Rowley March 13, 2012 at 1:53 am #

    More power to you! I’m trying to lose weight too, as I’m quite chubby, and honestly at 33 I need to worry more about my health than I do about that next scoop of ice cream. Keep us posted on how WW is working for you!

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